Somewhere on a Beach (Dierks Bentley) Guitar Chords

somewhere-on-a-beach-dierks-bentleySomewhere on a Beach By Dierks Bentley Guitar Chords Available Now On Web Guitar Chords. Learn How To Play Guitar Online For All Popular English Songs. Somewhere on a Beach Song Launched In Year 2016 And Got Average Reactions From Audience.

: Somewhere on a Beach
Singer : Dierks Bentley
Year : 2016
User Rating : 2.5/5

Chords Used : {C} {D} {F} {C#} {G} {Am}
Bet you think I’m sitting at home. No.
{C}                      {D}
Bet you think that I’m all alone. No.
{F}                  {C}
Bet you think I’m missing you and wishing you would call my phone,
{C}               {D}                               {C}     {F}
Hell, no!

I went wheels up on a runway
{C}         {D}           {C}
And that ticket was a one-way
{C}      {F}          {C}

I’m somewhere on a beach
Sipping something strong,
{C}     {D}
Got a new girl, she got it going on
{D}       {F}                   {C}
We drink all day, and party all night
{C}                            {D}
I’m way too gone to have you on my mind
{D}      {F}             {C}
She got a body and she’s naughty,
{C}                {D}
And she got me like you ain’t ever got me.
{F}                      {C}
I’m getting sun, getting some, and I ain’t slept in a week
{C}               {D}                               {F}
Yeah, I’m somewhere on a beach.

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